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We help you navigate the complex process for NSW planning approvals.

Small-scale projects: Streamlining Exempt and Complying Developments

Planify was created to help simplify the NSW Planning and Development process and provide DIYers, planners, building designers and architects, developers, and project management teams with a simple and affordable platform to find sound advice and guidance for their projects.

Specialising in Exempt Development and Complying Development projects, our qualified town planners can help answer your questions for small-scale developments across NSW. If you’re considering a Do-It-Yourself project that may be considered small-scale, our digital step-by-step tool can help you identify the unique traits of your project and suggest if further consent or permissions may be required.


Planify: making planning and approval easy

Planify can help you to identify if and what approvals your small-scale project may require before initial planning and construction. Small-scale projects are those that may be considered Exempt Development (meaning no further approval is needed), or, Complying Development (meaning that the project can be approved by a private certifier).  If your project doesn’t fit within either of these guidelines, Council consent will be required and you will have to submit a development application (DA approval). 

Use our online tools as a step-by-step guideline to indicate what type of approval your project needs. If our platform or team identifies that you will need DA approval, our team can help get your application lodged.

Instead of spending much-needed time and money outsourcing this process elsewhere, work with us to make the planning process easy, streamlined, affordable, and transparent.

What type of approval do I need?

If you already know which category your project falls within, click on the applicable button below.

Not sure?

If you don’t know, choose from a project type from the list below. If your project isn’t in the list, it probably can’t be Exempt or Complying Development.  In this case visit send us an email with details of your project here and we can assist.