Complying Development

Complying Development Certificates

If your project can meet the applicable rules, a building certifier can approve it by issuing a Complying Development Certificate (CDC). Generally, you will be at the stage where you don’t already have any plans drawn up and want to know the applicable rules or you already have plans and are ready to apply for a CDC.


What stage is your project up to?

To simplify the CDC process, Planify has designed an easy-to-use tool that helps us to give you fast and low cost advice.

If you don’t have plans, we can give you a list of the rules that your project will need to meet. This will ensure that both you and your draughtsperson or architect know how to make sure that the project falls under this category.  An example of our CDC Planning Rules report can be seen here.

If you already have plans, we will check that they meet the rules and make the CDC application for you. This can be with a building certifier you have already engaged or we can arrange one for you.  An example of our CDC Planning Rules Compliance report can be seen here.

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